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Eligible Lodging in Arkansas can be Listed as Dark Sky Lodging Destinations

Partnering with local lodging operators around Arkansas, the Arkansas Natural Sky Association (ANSA) is creating a database to help the public find camping and lodging opportunities that afford them stellar views of the night sky. As described on ANSA's website: 

"The Stella program has been established by the Arkansas Natural Sky Association (ANSA) to promote enjoyment, access, and preservation of Arkansas’s remaining dark skies by assisting the consumer in finding host facilities in locations with dark skies that employ Responsible Lighting Practices. The program makes no effort to determine the suitability of the accommodation in any other respect and recipients of the Stella designation should not infer otherwise."

To be a designated Natural Sky Lodging destination, a host facility has to be located under a sufficiently dark sky that the Milky Way would be readily visible - bortle scale 2 or 3. Outdoor lighting must be environmentally responsible, which means no dusk-to-dawn lighting, warm colored fixtures that are properly shielded. A reasonably open area to view the sky must be available on site or nearby. Finally the Arkansas Natural Sky Association literature, drafted specifically for the purpose, must be available in each unit.

Searcy County has many great dark sky friendly camping and lodging opportunities, and lodging operators are encouraged to register their locations with ANSA to help promote their businesses. To find out more, and to be included in this state-wide database, please check out ANSA

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