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The Searcy County Eclipse 2024 Logo Contest has a Winner!

Brooke Diaz

We would like to thank all of the talented artists who contributed to the Searcy County Eclipse 2024 Logo Contest and congratulate Brooke Diaz on her winning design. It was a privilege to get to see all of the amazing artwork.

Thank you judges! Tony Soyani, Jamie Craddock (Buffalo River Art Gallery), and the staff at Sozo Graphics. Their insight and expertise was invaluable!

We also appreciate Sozo for making T-shirts and other items available featuring our new logo.

THANK YOU! And now the unveiling:

The 2024 Solar Eclipse

The eclipse in the above video is actually a partial, annular (ring of fire) eclipse. The total eclipse that we will witness in 2024 will be very different. The sun will be black for approximately four minutes. In the path of totality, the temperature will drop 10 degrees or more, and midday will be reduced to twilight! Some of the brighter stars may even be visible on this rare occasion. It will be a fascinating sight to behold.

The Path of Totality

The Solar Eclipse of 2024

Mark your calendars! April 8th, 2024 will see a solar eclipse, with much of the Southeast United States in the path of totality. It might seem odd to make so much of an event still more than four years away, but believe it or not people from all over the world are already making plans for this spectacular event. Event planners are a underway to ensure that Searcy County will be the best place in all of Arkansas from which to view the eclipse.

Check back here often for updates.

And don't wait until 2024 to make your lodging reservations. Historically, hotels, cabin rentals, lodges, RV parks and campgrounds sell out months in advance as people come to have ringside seats.  Check out the lodging link below to view the unique lodging options available right here in Searcy County.

Lodging Options